¨Spain Collection is the result of brainstorming: a new tourism, made in a different way … ¨ With more than 22 years in the world of tourism, Abene Mendizabal, CEO & Founder, created Spain Collection, as the result of the experience, commitment, vocation and deep knowledge of Spain and Portugal.

This DMC was born from the illusion and tenacity to give shape to an evolution and progress thought. With this idea in mind, Abene assembled a team of experts in the area. Each one of them is specialized in a destination, with their personal and professional background, but all united by something in common: not to settle for what already exists and we know, explore new paths and offer customers quality experiences, full of passion and from an innovative perspective.

This is the way how this DMC, specialized in two countries strongly connected to our ancestors, is defined.

Visit the Royal Theater of Madrid behind the scenes, or an underwater winery in the Basque Country by the hand of its owner, or participate in the Sanlúcar de Barrameda horse race enjoying the traditions of this event with a specialist in horsemen, or perform a different Camino de Santiago, these are just some of the many curated experiences that this team has to offer us.

There are many “Spains” and a link between all of them is undoubtedly the gastronomy. This is why Spain Collection has as its gastronomic ambassador one of the best chefs in the world: Eneko Atxa, a Basque chef. Eneko inspires the culinary approach to travel and fully engages in the culinary experience of clients visiting Spain and Portugal.

Others remarkable ambassadors are: Pedro Subijana (3 Michelin Star Chef and owner of the famous Akelarre restaurant, now also a boutique hotel) and Ned Capeleris (General Manager of the emblematic Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastián).

All of them will be happy to help us create the most unique and different moments for their clients. They will discover the cultural and historical wealth of Spain and Portugal. Amazing landscapes and incredible stories. Iconic tours and vibrant colors. Century-old traditions that coexist with the forefront of innovation. A unique adventure: Your adventure…